Pastors Bibliography

This page is a collection of resources that we’re continually adding to in order to gather informative resources for a variety of current topics facing us, including controversial ones.
This is not an advocacy page but a repository. Not all resources here are endorsed, but they are included as relevant, if even advocating a contrary position to those typically or categorically held by Free church pastors. We do try to filter out under-researched opinion pieces.
Some of these resources will contradict each other. Some of them will assert things you don’t agree with. You can consider the resources you don’t agree with as ways to learn how others see and interpret the issues so that you can strengthen your own case.
Please feel free to recommend new resources to add to this list by contacting us at
Soul Care for Pastors

Self-evaluation Tools for Churches and Church Finances

LGBTQ+, Gender, and Sexuality Issues, the Equality Act

  • Calibrate Ministries / Brady Cone (LGBTQ+ and the Gospel) - (Brady is available to equip churches and parents to minister to those with same-sex attraction)
  • Caleb Kaltenbach / The Messy Grace Group (LGBTQ+ and the Gospel, and a resource for The Equality Act efforts in Congress) -

Race Issues, CRT, BLM


  • Making Kingdom Disciples : A New Framework by Charles H. Dunahoo
  • New Generations (resources for disciplemaking movements) -

The Church in the Public Square (kind of a grab-bag category)

Events hosted by our churches for the church at large or featuring our pastors

From the Pastoral Team

All Peoples Ministries (Abdel Gonzalez)

Credentialing and Doctrine (Phil Green)

Global Initiatives (Kerry Relihan)

  • Miraculous Movements, Jerry Trousdale - Disciple Making Movements are described. Chapter 13 is a great outline for how to apply this in your own setting. This book is about some ministries that I am currently in touch with and which ReachGlobal is partnering to reach Unreached People Groups in Africa.
  • The Kingdom Unleashed Jerry Trousdale & Glenn Sunshine - This is a more in depth look at God’s Kingdom movements that are exploding around the world. Useful to consider how to make it happen here in the US too.
  • Check out the website - - to get a flavor of what is happening around the world among the people groups within the various nations. Great tool for prayer or to see where your missionaries are working.

Multiplication (Mike Sechler)

NextGen Ministries (Lige Reed)

Worship Arts (Donald Adams)